If  it  is  see through,

its  NOT  Hijaab 

You CANNOT Use Chiffon Or Other See Through Material To Cover Your Hair And Body. Everything Should Be Covered And The Color Of The Skin Underneath Should Not Be Visible.

The Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihe WaSallam) Once Received A Thick Garment As A Gift. He Gave it To Osamah b. Zayd, Who in Turn Gave it To His Wife. When Asked By The Prophet Why He Did Not Wear it, Osamah indicated That He Gave it To His Wife. The Prophet Then Said To Osamah  Ask Her To Use A ” Gholalah” Under it (the garment) For I Fear That it (the Garment) May Describe The Size Of Her Bones.”

(Ahmad, Abi-Dawood)

(The word gholalah in Arabic means a thick fabric worn under the dress to prevent it from describing the shape of the body). 

The   Hijaab  shouldn’t

  attract  attention
The Dress Should Not Be Such That it Attracts Men’s Attention To The Woman’s Beauty. Allaah Clearly States

” Not To Display Their Beauty (zeenah).” 

Yet, Subhaan Allaah, Some Hijaabi Sisters Are Dressed in Such A Way That They Attract More Attention To Themselves Than They Would if They Didn’t Wear Hijaab !! How Could Such Zeenah Be Concealed if The Dress is Designed in A Way That it Attracts Men’s Eyes To The Woman ? It Beats The Purpose Of Hijaab

Allaah Tells Us :

” And Stay in Your Houses, And Do Not Display Yourselves Like That Of The Times Of ignorance…”