Tinkling  Jewelry And 

Jingling  Bracelets

‘Loud’ And Tinkling Anything, Be it Jewelry, Bracelets, Clip-Clopping Shoes, Little Bells On Clothes, You Name it, if it jingles Or Makes Noise, it is Against The Principles Of Hijaab, Because it Attracts Attention To The One Wearing it.

That is What is Meant When Allah Orders Us in The Above Verse…

” Not To Strike Their Feet (on the ground) So As To Make Known What They Hide Of Their Adornments.” 

No Laughing, Joking, Or  Hanging

Out  With  NonMahrams 

Some Sisters Assume That Since They Are Properly Covered, its Okay For Them To Sit Around And Talk, Laugh, Joke, Etc.

With The Men, But That’s Not Right,

Even if He is ‘ The Shaikh’.

 Allah Says:

“. . . Then Be Not Soft in Speech, Lest He in Whose Heart is A Disease Should Be Moved With Desire, But Speak in An Honorable Manner.”

 [ Al-Ahzaab:32 ]

So Talk To Them When There is A Specific Need,

And in A Manner That is Not Necessarily Rude,

Yet it is Polite But Firm. 

Staring At The Brothers Or ‘Checking Them Out’ is NOT Hijaab 

Allah Orders Us To ” Lower Your Gaze ” in The Above Verse.

Why ? Because A Single ‘Look’ Can Say More Than A Thousand Words.

So, Even if You Are Properly Covered, Keep Those Eyes Down, Conduct Yourself With ‘Hayaa’ (Shamefulness), And Avoid  ‘ Fitnah ’