Natural face-lifts are a slower way to lift the facial and neck skin to make it appear younger. It doesn’t give you results as soon as the cosmetic face-lift or cosmetic surgery does. But it has lasting results, no pain and no side effects. Most women pay heavy money and bear lots of pain to get their youthful facial skin back and they are ready to do anything for it. So natural face-lifts are quite good options for them.

As everybody knows that skin starts producing less moister or natural oils so the skin starts getting loose, saggy, full of fine lines and wrinkles as the age grows. To some extent it depends on a person’s life style also. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you don’t eat and sleep on time, drink alcohol, do smoke and the consumption of tea or coffee is high then definitely you are going to loose the elasticity of your skin much before you age.

To keep the skin younger and healthy you need to live a healthy life style, keep away from all such habits of drinking and smoking, drink lots of fluids at least 2 liters of water a day is must to keep the body hydrate, sleep well and work out regularly. It makes lots of difference to one’s body and skin.

But once you have already lost the toned skin and starts loosing the elasticity, natural face-lifts are not bad options. Even if they fulfill half of what these products promise you, you can be thankful to the company because beauty once lost cannot be regained. And if you get it back without any knife and stitches put on your skin, there is nothing like that.

Facial exercises to tone up the skin

Few facial exercises if done on the face and neck tactfully surely give you some relief from the saggy skin. To start tie your hair tied so that they don’t fall on your forehead or face.

  • Now take a good anti aging moisturizer apply it lightly on the face with a little upward massage. Now put pressure on both the sides of your forehead with 2 fingers of each hand starting from the middle of the forehead to the end. Do this practice at least five times a day to decrease fine lines from the forehead.
  • Gently massage the under eye cream or gel below the eyes, with the fingers very lightly. Starting form the corner of the eyes to the end in upward circulating motions. Your nails should be cut properly so that they don’t harm the eyes. This exercise decreases the fine lines below the eyes and reduces the puffiness. Rotate your fingers very lightly on and around the eyes with the help of the fingertips.
  • Massage your cheeks in upward circular motions.
  • Put pressure on the chin with the help of thumb and massage the neck upwards with the finger strokes and pressure them below the chin where the double chin appears.
  • You can learn the tricks of facial pressure points with the help of a book containing the subject.

Usage of skin toners, face packs to tighten the skin and anti aging creams and lotions, which contain some anti aging substances such as collagen, make the skin appear tighter and brighter.

These collagen and cellulite containing products are available in forms of creams, lotions, injections and capsules.

An anti aging facial too is not a bad option as the massage and tightening packs reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is on more chemical found in the body, which helps to keep the skin young, and the elasticity intact is Hyaluronic acid. It’s a natural substance found in our body in sufficient amount when we are born. But it decreases with age so does the elasticity of the skin. This substance keeps the skin tight, toned, young, and moist and wrinkle free. With age when the production of HA decreases in the body, it starts loosing its youthfulness. This is the substance which helps the skin in healing the wounds, cuts, burns, bruises and burns. It keeps the muscles and joints lubricated to function effectively. Now anti aging products containing Hyaluronic acid are hitting the markets in two forms, to be applied externally as creams and lotions or internally as pop up pills. Which has to be taken as a health supplement in your daily diet to provide moister to the inner layer of your skin.

It penetrates the skin deeply till the deeper layer the way no other skin food or cream does and reduces the age signs as saggy skin and wrinkles.

Besides trying all these things, one of the best way is to keeping your body hydrate by drinking sufficient amount of fluids to retain the natural moister and consume good healthy food containing dairy products such as milk and curd, vitamin E rich diet, carbohydrates and green veggies to keep your skin and body fit.