Total Body Workout Routines For Men And Women

by Jonathan

woman working outLet me tell you how I went from training 6 times a week to just 3 times and why total body workouts is the training method that allowed me to do so.

But first, let me say that I did see results when I trained nearly every day. I lost weight, burned body fat, and gained muscle mass. However, I also became a gym slave and I was rapidly losing interest in my workouts.

How did I get to the point where I was training so often?

I used to do split training workouts in which I trained 3 muscle groups during each strength workout and squeezed in two long cardio workouts per week as well. I was spending about 9-10 hours each week in the gym.

Crazy and not-sustainable (keep in mind that I was single at the time).

Why I Did It and Why I Stopped

The reason why I used to train this way is that this was what I was taught. I was told that I needed to let my muscles rest for a day or two between each workout. So, I could do a chest-triceps-shoulders workout on Sunday, a back-biceps-legs session on Monday, a cardio workout on Tuesday, and go back to the beginning of the cycle on Wednesday.

The problems were:

  1. It was taking me a whole lot of time.
  2. It was getting boring because I couldn’t do complex exercises as various parts of my body were always “resting”.
  3. My improvement stalled.

I then learned that I could train differently, save time, and get even faster fat loss results. The technique is Total Body Workouts.

When you do a total body workout, you train your entire body (or nearly all of it) during each session. What this forces you to do is:

  1. Train less times per week (because your muscles still need their rest time).
  2. Do less exercises per body part. This keeps the workout short and allows you to place a greater load during each set.
  3. You need to do complex, full body exercises in order to target all of your body.

The beauty of this method is that your body is actually working harder due to the complex exercises, you’re able to achieve a better fat loss effect, and you save a lot of time.

An added benefit is that your workouts become much more interesting. Instead of being forced to repeat the same exercises over and over again, you can now do a variety of exercise combos that train your body in new ways.

How I Train Today

Today I do 3 – 4 home workouts each week (usually 3) and I train my entire body from head to toe. I do a variety of exercises that include jumps, combos, bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises, and I even do towel exercises (which are surprisingly effective).

I try to spice my workouts with some new exercises which I get from a number of friends and fitness experts like Kareem Samhouri and Craig Ballantyne. I do multi-jointed exercises that train a number of muscle groups together and I try to challenge myself with each workout. I also train in circuits to increase the intensity even further and to save more time.

The result is that I’m continuing to tone my body, burn body fat, and I do it in less than half the total workout time that I used to spend in the past.

Total Body Workout For Women and Men

Before I give you a number of total body workout routines that you can do, let me just say that this works for women and men. It works whether you want to focus on fat burning, add some muscle to your body, or both. It may not be right for bodybuilders who only want to get as big as possible, but for people who just want to look and feel their best, this works.

Total Body Workout Routines

Here are a number of routines that you can do. Remember, this is for men and women both. Also, note that each workout must begin with a warm up.

Workout 1:

First Circuit:

  • 25 jump squats.
  • Standing DB back rows (you can do two handed or single handed).
  • DB Chest presses on a bench or stability ball.
  • Reverse lunges with bicep curls.

Second Circuit:

  • 25 lunge jumps.
  • DB deadlifts.
  • Push-ups (change from elevated, spider, and close grip).
  • Squats and shoulder press.
  • Side Plank.

Third Circuit:

  • 25 Squat jumps.
  • Seated rows – on a machine, with cables, or with a towel if you train at home and don’t own any workout bands.
  • DB Chest Presses.
  • Triceps dips.
  • Reverse crunches.

woman doing push up

Workout 2:

First Circuit:

  • Burprees for 30 seconds.
  • Squat with DB swing (one or two handed).
  • Pull ups (or assisted pull ups if you need to).
  • DB Chest Flies.
  • Plank on a stability ball.

Second Circuit:

  • Squat jumps.
  • Forward lunges with diagonal two-handed DB swing.
  • DB chest presses.
  • One handed row on a bench (can also be done with a coffee table or other low platform).
  • Stability Ball Rollout.

Third Circuit:

  • Lunge jumps.
  • Side squat with two-handed DB push.
  • Pull ups (or chin ups).
  • Backward lunges with bicep curls.
  • Side plank.

Workout 3:

First Circuit:

  • 30 seconds fast mountain climbers.
  • One handed DB row.
  • Squat and diagonal DB swing.
  • Lunge with overhead lift.
  • Lying triceps extension.

Second Circuit:

  • Box jumps.
  • Step up with hammer curls.
  • Decline push-ups with a stability ball.
  • Pull ups.
  • Side plank.

Third Circuit:

  • Burpees with push-ups.
  • Squat and DB swing.
  • Inverted rows (Australian pull ups)
  • Forward lunge with bicep curls.
  • Calf raises.
  • Reverse crunches.

You can mix and match these circuits in your workouts to keep things interesting. You will need to repeat all 3 of the circuits in each workout several times to get a complete stimulation. Remember, you should rest only between each circuit.

Your choice of exercises may change if you workout at home or at a gym and based on the equipment you have access to. Wherever you train, there is no excuse to do a lame workout. Make each session count.

If you train like this you will burn body fat quickly. Now, all you need is a good diet program to make sure you’re eating right and you shouldn’t have any problem to get leaner quickly.